Kings and Queens 


This sweet girl can never get enough affection. She rolls over like a dog to get belly scratches. She is our silver tabby with yellowish green eyes. She has an incredibly silky-smooth coat and ear tuffs that are absolutely amazing. She was our first polydactyl (extra toes) in our cattery.


This girl was extremely shy at first, but she warmed up to us quickly and captured our hearts. Kalypso is a brown patched torbie with bright golden eyes. When we have guests over, everyone seems to love her colors the most. She is also our smallest out of the girls. 

Kalypsoskoons Karma

Karma is a Kalypsoskoon's 1st generation kitten. Daughter of Kalani and Kamikaze. She is a gorgeous Blue Torbie Poly with a little cream foot. Chunky girl who loves to eat, Full of chirps she's always talking or making biscuits.  She is going to be a big girl with big feet!!  We are excited to see what she brings to our program. 


Khaleesi is our beautiful blue high silver shaded girl. She is such a sweetheart full of cuddles. She enjoys making her spot wherever you may sit, the perfect lap kitty! How else would she stealing all the attention and your heart. 


Phoenix Is our cream smoke. She is from vary large parents and it shows with all of her features, She passed up my 6 months old at only 4.5 months. She is a cuddle bug at night always sleeping next to me. This big girl is absolutely stunning! 


Sterling is a high black smoke and the sweetest little boy! Constantly cuddling up in my neck and giving me little kisses. He follows us around always looking for a chance to show you his love. His big green eyes pull you in, who wouldn't want a kitten out of him in the future?? 


Kumanji Is our main king for 2024. A very unique Russian imported black golden spotted tabby polydactyl Maine coon. He has the wild leopard look with very large features. He is the most talkative cat we have ever had, constantly letting you know what's up. 


He is pure white and odd-eyed (one blue and one amber). 

Kamikaze has been retired and living his life out watching the birds and playing in the water.