Kalypso's Koons 

Welcome to Kalypso's Koons 

Where Maine coon dreams come true!

Nestled in Clermont Florida, Kalypso’s Koons is a cherished haven for Maine Coon enthusiasts. As a petite cattery, we pride ourselves on the personal touch we bring to every kitten's upbringing. Our feline companions are not just pets but integral members of our family, ensuring they receive the love and attention needed for optimal socialization.

All Kalypso's Koons kittens come from TICA-registered parents, a testament to our commitment to breed standards and excellence. With a limited number of breeding queens, we prioritize quality over quantity, enabling us to produce healthy, well-socialized, and exceptionally beautiful kittens with delightful temperaments.

In our nurturing environment, Maine Coons flourish, gaining characteristics that make them perfect additions to any household. Whether you have children, other cats, or dogs, Maine Coons, known for their dog-like qualities, effortlessly integrate into diverse family dynamics. From playing fetch to frolicking in water, these majestic felines bring joy and companionship.

At Kalypso's Koons, we invite you to explore the enchanting world of Maine Coons and consider joining our feline-loving family. 

Your journey into the realm of fluffy tails, playful antics, and boundless affection awaits!

We hope to welcome you to the Kalypso's Koons family!