Heath Guarantee

What is our Heath Guarantee? 

First of all, the term "heath guarantee" isn't quite accurate. Nobody can guarantee that anything living won't get sick. Whether it be cats, dogs, or even humans. So, think of it more as a health warranty. You're spending and investing quite a bit of time, care, love and money on your new family member. You deserve a reasonable degree of protection. 

Hearing impairment: The white gene with blue eyes have a 60%-80% chance of being deaf. The white gene with bi eyes has a 30%-40% chance of being deaf. The white gene with eyes of another color has a 10%-20% chance of being deaf.  Please be aware of this statistic when considering adding a white kitten to your home. Any kitten confirmed to be deaf will remain at the same price. Being deaf does not stop or hinder the quality of life the kitten will have, and this specific potential defect is not included in our health guarantee for a refund or replacement. 

Short term: This protects you from receiving a sick kitten. You must have your kitten examined by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of leaving our care. If your vet determines that the kitten is ill and/or unfit for sale, you may return the kitten and we will refund the full sale price. We strictly adhere to the 72-hour time limit. We understand that vet offices are closed on weekends and holidays, but unfortunately viruses don't respect office hours. 

Long term: This protects you until the kitten reaches 12 months. If your kitten is diagnosed with a serious hereditary/genetic defect or congenital diseases before 12 months of age, which results in severe impairment, your kitten will be replaced with a kitten of equal value as soon as availability permits and as long as our cattery is breeding. We require a copy of the medical verification which certifies the hereditary defect or an autopsy report from a veterinarian to receive a replacement kitten from our cattery.

Every kitten will go home with its first set of vaccinations. You will be responsible for the remaining sets of vaccinations, plus any required annual boosters. As stated above, this guarantee is for genetic hereditary defects or congenital diseases. In other words, conditions that effect the longevity or overall quality of life. Conditions that would entitle you a replacement kitten include life-threating heart conditions and degenerative nerve disorders. Understand this guarantee is only valid if the kitten is under 12 months of age when diagnosed by a veterinarian.

We are not responsible for any airborne or any other infectious diseases the kitten may pick up after leaving our premises. We take every precaution to prevent illness within our control, but a kitten's immune system is immature at the time it would be transferred to a new home. Please, be very careful where you take your kitten until fully vaccinated.